Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Adventure Awaits

We met this morning with the radiology oncologist. He is wonderful; kind, gentle and very concerned about Mike individually. He answered all of our questions and we feel 100% confident we are pursuing the right course of treatment. Mike will go through what they call a simulation tomorrow morning. He will have a mask made to fit his face/head that will be used to radiate just the area where the tumor was and the margins surrounding. He will be taking chemotherapy along with the radiation therapy. We understand the risks, as well as the side effects. The doc explained with brain radiation, the patient will feel fatigued. Nutrition is important as well as physical activity.

We were so impressed with the new cancer center at Ball Hospital. It is beautiful, calming and so well staffed with lovely people. We recognize that we will have the opportunity to make many new friends. I am anxious to accompany Mike for his treatments so I can get to know the folks who will be waiting with me :)

Mike plans to go to the office this afternoon after having a great night's sleep. We continue to love seeing the mail carrier... She always has so many nice cards and thoughts for us. Thanks for remembering us as you continue with your busy lives. We know you will be blessed for your kindness.


  1. Nancy and Mike,
    I think of you both every single day and wish
    you all the strength from me to you.
    Tons of positive energy is sent to you
    each and every day.
    We are so grateful to have you in our

  2. Your courage and faith are remarkable! Your description of the mask sounds like a sci-fi movie.
    When you're ready I have some great organic recipes!

  3. Nancy and Mike,
    I read your comments every day but do not respond. I apologize and know that it is wrong. You are handling your situation so well that I do not know what to say. Your faith is so unbelievable. That along with your support system will get you through this. Your daily journal has to be good for you and I really look forward to reading it. Continue to enjoy each day. Love, Susan

  4. I'm picturing Mike looking like the Phantom of the Opera. Does he do show tunes?

  5. I'm so glad you've seen how great the BMH Cancer Center is. All the people who work there are just fantastic. I felt so blessed to have that facility so close by.

    Now that school is nearly out, please let me know if there is any way I can help.


  6. The staff at the BMH Cancer Center are fantastic - mum had great care from very happy and kind medical staff. The waiting room is so welcoming and homey. Good luck with the next stage. If there is anything we can do in addition to praying, let us know.
    FYI, the soup broth they offer next to the coffee - just add hot water - it is very satisfying - especially when you may not want to eat but need a little something warm and filling.

  7. I, too, peek in here nearly every day. We are so concerned and care about you very much. Don't usually know what to say that hasn't already been said - you have so many wonderful friends! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily. I picture all our prayers in a big basket on a counter-weight scale, countering the weight of the illness! Your strengths and spirits are wonderful to witness. Thank you for opening this up to all who love you. We are glad to help you bear this.

  8. Isn't it such a relief to know what you will be facing in the months to come? Not knowing can be so scary. The Cancer Center and the people there are very knowledgeable & are very kind, caring people. There are no dumb answers there and there are no people to make you feel dumb there. Short of not having to go through this at all, what more can you ask for in your health care team? Take it one day at a time, keep your faith and hopefully this will be a story with a happy ending...our thoughts are with you all.
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

  9. Thanks for the visit! I really missed you but glad we could talk while I was gone. I love Elder Jensen! He is the best!!!! So glad he called. School is ALMOST out - yeah!


  10. Dear Mike and Nancy,
    Dan and I were in the Houston Airport coming
    home from seeing Katy when I remembered the
    Anticancer book - so, with some time to spare,
    I found one copy left in a bookstore and bought
    it. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to
    implement some of the anticancer foods into
    our diet too. I have not finished it yet, but
    I wanted to make mention of the "Mighty Mouse".
    If spirit, attitude, and prayer can influence
    the immune system in the body then I know Mike
    will become the "Mighty Mouse" and be able to
    whip this thing. You are BOTH amazing individuals and a true inspiration to all who
    have the pleasure to know you. We love you and
    don't let one day go by without thinking of
    you and praying for you.

    Dan and Jana