Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrate Good Times...

Today we are going to celebrate. It is Tyler's birthday today and his family is coming tonight for some cake and ice cream. Our grandbabies will be here for a short time and we know Mike will be thrilled. We have to keep Mike rested today so he can enjoy tonight. We celebrate Tyler's remarkable life and rough journey...most of you know his story.

Hannah goes home today (which we are not celebrating) and are pleased that she can get back to her life in Albuquerque. We have loved having her here. She has been such a comfort and support. I have loved talking to her late into the night. We celebrate her kindness and goodness.

Andy has done some amazing things at the office in Mike's absence. Mike is so very pleased with the great work his boy is doing. He gives me a report every morning of what Andy needs to do... He has not been disappointed yet! We celebrate Andy's keen intellect, and incredible support to our family.

We celebrate another beginning to this day. We see the oncologist on Tuesday of next week. We know the doctors are researching and finding the best possible treatment for Mike. We are so grateful for their diligence...

Mike has called many already this morning, has listened to the book the doctor recommended and has realized that he may have to stop eating refined sugars, etc. in order to get better. We are celebrating the money we may save by not buying so many ding dongs!!!!

We hope all of you will find something to celebrate today!


  1. May I please take care of #7 on Hannah's list from the previous posting? I would love to "borrow" your sweet dog for the Memorial Day Holiday and he/she will not even need to "keep quiet." OK?

  2. Happy Birthday, Tyler. I remember you and experience the same in my son. Nancy, I am free most days (between 9 am and 2 pm when Mom is at the Alpha Center) to take care of Hannah's item #1. Please let me "spell" you -- I know how it's needed. I'm inspired by all of your family's strength, humor, and faith, not necessarily in that order. Thank you for the opportunity to be "kept in the loop" in this very personal challenge. From my reading of the blog and comments it would seem that angels seen and unseen cannot be restrained from being your associates.

    All my love and prayers.


  3. My dear Nancy and Mike,
    I have eagerly read all of the blogs and comments and am amazed, but not surprised, of your constant faith and positive thinking! You have always brought such constant love and friendship into my life, and for that I am eternally thankful! I continue to pray for Mike's recovery. I know that you are surrounded by some loving and caring angels.
    i love you both so much!
    Jane n.d.