Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Mike felt like we needed to do something today rather than sit at home and do nothing. It is important that we have a plan each day. After reading the book that the oncologist suggested, we are heading for the Whole Food store and Trader Joe's today to find some new food for Mike and maybe me :) We are trying to stay away from refined sugar and white flour. We are on the hunt for good fish, free range chicken and eggs, bulk almonds, hazlenuts and pecans and some fruit. Hannah bought the cook book that was suggested and is in her test kitchen trying out recipes. Luckily Allen will eat anything, so they will try it and decide whether or not it is something they think Mike will eat...This could be a challenge. We are going to visit with Will, Maggie and their parents. Tyler says he will grill his "famous" burgers. Should be a great day. I am hoping most of the Indy 500 traffic is gone! Don't worry, I WILL BE DRIVING!


  1. Nancy & Mike,
    Don't forget the Farmstand Store downtown. I haven't been there, but know tons of people who find much of what they need to buy there which also saves them a trip to Indy. Also, Chelsea had to go on a very restricted diet last winter to get her stomach back to normal & found some very satisfying things at both Whole Foods & Trader Joes. Oh, & don't forget the Saturday morning Farmer's Market at Minnetrista. They have free range eggs, all kinds of hormone free meats & just lots of good stuff that is good for you...especially if you don't have a garden of your own. Plus, it is an excellent opportunity to see and visit with lots of people from the community which I think Mike probably if he gets tired, there are nice umbrella tables there to use. As far as Indy is concerned, we liked Trader Joes better than Whole Foods only because they had what we were looking for & the prices were a little more reasonable. Call if you need advice or help. Chelsea got pretty good at avoiding refined sugar, white flour AND yeast. You are lucky that Hannah is also willing to try some stuff for you as well. It wouldn't hurt any of us to try to eat better. Unfortunately, I think we all got lazy with all the convenience foods out there! Take care & have a good day. I'm still sending positive energy your way daily.

  2. Call my dad...he's doing a CSA thing ( Everything is organic and grown in our garden (yummy!). I'm glad you are staying busy, we love you!

    Reed, Abby and Andy

  3. We enjoyed a full day on Monday with excitement and a great evening with our grandchildren. A good meal at Tyler's home and time with Will & Maggie is the best!
    I did sleep most the way home and was still able to get 5 good hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.
    We thank your for your positive thoughts and prayers. We are strengthened every day by you and the Lord.

  4. Nancy & Mike,
    You are both so strong and such a great example for all of us. When times have become difficult you have found your strength in so many wonderful ways I am sure the good Lord will take care and continue to provide you with all the strength and support you need as you continue on with this journey. Thanks also for sharing the journey, not only does it help you but it certainly helps all of us. Glad you had such a great day with Tyler and family...children and laughter are two great medicines.