Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh There's Sunshine...

We woke up today with a renewed zest for life! Sorry my posts in the evening are often more solemn... Mornings are always best for us. Thought you might like to see some pictures of Mike enjoying the sun for a short time yesterday... Also enjoy a picture of Mike's favorite little people (I'm not including Tyler in that description :) Hope everyone is enjoying the weather today... We are going to get outside and walk a bit.


  1. Nancy, Sunshine always seems to help:) We head north to see Abby tonight and I will hug her a little harder. Tell Mike she will be pleased that someone else's legs are as white as hers!
    Stay tough!! SusanT.

  2. I'm glad you re-took that pic of dad, Mags and me. Looks like you picked the one where my eyes are still closed. I suck at pictures.

  3. Nancy, you are my hero! Thanks for all you do. Mike, I hope the DVD worked, if not, we'll get another one done. May you be able to enjoy this beautiful day!

  4. Glad that you were all able to enjoy some sunshine yesterday! By the looks of Mike's white legs he could use a little more!! :) We are finally getting some sunshine and warm weather in Michigan and now that the trees are green and flowers are blooming we even kind of like it here. We are coming to Indiana next weekend for my neice's graduation. We would like to stop by and see you. We will let you know when when we get the schedule figured out.
    Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine!!
    Patty and Everett

  5. Mike and Nancy,
    Greetings from the Perkins in Missouri. Twenty one years ago we moved into Muncie. Mike was the stake president at the time. One Sunday he came to our ward to sustain Mark to a calling. Our family was sitting in the front row. When Mike ask for "anyone opposed to raise their hand" our two-year old raised his hand. Mike was quick to say, "It seems we have an opposing vote, but since it is with his left hand we wont count it." That brought quite a laugh from the congregation.
    We have been gone from Muncie for 11 years now...your smile is just as I remembered it. May the Lord watch over you and your family day and night.
    Mark and Karen Perkins

  6. Oh, your littles are adorable! What fun . . .

  7. My dad likes to say that having grandchildren is the reward for raising children. Glad Will and Maggie are there for Mike!

  8. I don't know many of us at this age that don't think mornings are the best. Glad you had fun in the sun and had time with Tyler and his family (hope Mike gave those babies each a couple extra hugs and kisses, they can never have too much love). You are doing a great job attacking every new day with energy, renewed spirit,and faith! I am so very proud of the two of you and how you continue to rise to meet the demands of the day! As always you are in my thoughts and prayers!
    love to all the family