Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

With all of the concern that dad had about his new hair cut I couldn't help but feel for others who have to part with their hair for a similar diagnosis. My hair grows insainly fast and is super thick. Through the years I've donated my hair to "Locks of Love" multiple times and really felt like now would be a fitting time to do so again. I can't imagine being a little girl and having to go through loosing hair. I'm sure that there is someone out there who could use a nice blond curly wig.

Enough about me. I leave tomorrow evening, and having been the assistant nurse for the last few days I have some instructions for whom ever might be taking my place.
1. Mom will need to get away every day, someone will need to come hang out with dad.
2. Dad needs to be kept in check with the time he spends on the phone and computer.
3. Quick trips to Walgreens are seemingly always needed.
4. Dad loves visitors but we need to limit the amount people and time.
5. Mom has become a little OCD so clean up after yourself.
6. Answer the house phone after one ring.
7. Keep the dog quiet.

I'm sure that I'll have some parting thoughts tomorrow, but for now... Thanks for everything.


  1. Hannah...you are awesome....Teresa W

  2. Nancy,
    I go to Walgreens at least 10 times a week. Please call, text, or email anything you need. I'm more than happy to get it and drop it off anytime.
    Jennifer Dale

  3. What a generous thing to do in honor of you Dad. Plus, your hair looks great either way. It is great that you were able to be here to help nurse him back to health. Family is so important at all times, but especially at times like these.
    Cindy Turner

  4. Mike, Nancy and family, blessings as you take this journey together. We pray for your recovery, your doctors, strength, the ability to laugh, and hands to hold when you need to cry. This is a team effort, as we learned in March when Bill's brother was diagnosed with an in-operable tumor. With faith, chemo and radiation we have hope. We hold you in our hearts and send our very best. Enjoy the blog. Bill's brother started one as he went to "battle" his "enemy". I am wearing my pink camo shirt that says "team Mark" as I write this. On the back says "Be strong and couragous" Joshua 1:6. Bill, Holly, Heidi and Kendall.

  5. Hi Mike!
    I got your message yesterday. It was so good to hear your voice. I was going to call you back but I was afraid Nancy would get mad at me...especially after that time I woke her up at 6am. Although, it sounds like you did the same when you were in the hospital! I miss our daily conversations. Don't be surprised to see a box of Ding Dongs on your doorstep. I know they can't compete with Bonnie's sugar cookies (I've had those..they're awesome!)but I know they are your favorite. Know that Sue and I pray for you daily. I miss you, buddy.

  6. Hannah you are the perfect daughter!!! What will the parents do w/o you?? I bet you'll be back here very soon because they will find they can't fill your shoes. I'm glad you posted a picture of your hair so Alan will know you when he picks you up at the airport.HA! Donating your hair was a generous and loving gesture.

  7. Kim and Ken MartinMay 19, 2009 at 10:09 PM

    I love reading your blogs. Hannah, you remind me of my daughter Andrea--blond, curly hair, generous spirit and all. She donates her hair to Locks of Love too. I see little girls and teenagers here (at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital) who love to have wigs. Perhaps one of them will get your hair. Wish you could see the recipient... Mike, you look great! Thanks for posting the picture. You guys tickle my funny bone. It's so fun to get to know you better through your postings. We pray for you every day in our family prayers, and Ken gave one of the prayers in sacrament meeting and prayed for you there too. We send a big hug and our love. ~Kim and Ken Martin

  8. Hannah, your beautiful hair will be such a great blessing to someone else. YOU are the beautiful part. You look GREAT!

    Nancy, I can hear you talk through your words. Uh - huh! Dear friend, I know how draining it can be for the caretaker. That is a really funny story about the bank. I think of you quite often and get to a computer as often as I can to read your entries. We would like to drive to Muncie before John leaves next week.

    Mike,remember that the two rules in a happy marriage are 1. Nancy is always right! 2. When she's wrong, refer to rule number 1. She'll keep things straight. She ALWAYS has. If you would like to call John, he'd love to talk to you in the middle of the night... AFter all, all he's doing is laying around.It would get him in good practice of taking late night phone calls... grins...

    To the Ellis family, we are thinking about and praying for you. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you. Your friends, Karen and John

  9. Dear, sweet Hannah.........you are the most special niece an aunt could ever have! You have once again done something so special for your Dad...but that is you....so caring thoughtful and loving. It was wonderful having you here and I know how much it meant to your Mom and Dad (and the rest of the family). I promise to help Mom pick up where you leave off tomorrow and go to Walgreens even if it is in the middle of the night.
    I love you!

  10. Hannah,
    You are a sweet young lady and such a wonder-
    ful daughter to your Mom and Dad. I am sure
    that they cannot express to you how great it
    has been having you home at this time.
    We feel blessed to have seen you - even for
    just the few minutes that we did. We wish
    you a safe journey back home and just know
    that there are many friends and family who
    are here to help your Mom and Dad in any way
    possible - including us!
    It was so awesome of you to donate your
    hair and what a fitting time to do it - you
    have always been so attentive to other's needs.
    We love you and hope to see you again soon.

    Dan and Jana

  11. Dear Nancy, Mike, Hannah, Andy and Tyler, No doubt Hannah has left by now. We had wished to see her again but we will send a message. We know what a blessing she has been---always but especially during this special time. She is the greatest granddaughter one could have---we love her so much just as we also love Ty and Andy. We're glad you can celebrate a bit for Tyler's birthday. He will love that and it will be so good for Mike to get to see the wee ones.Hopefully it won't tire him too much.
    As always we are continuing to pray to our Heavenly Father for Mike as well as all of you.
    Please, Nancy---if either of us can help, just call anytime---we want to do ANYTHING we can do. Again, we send our love and prayers. J & B