Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy day for Mike...

Mike made a move to a new floor, got his catheter out (none to soon for him,) ate three good hospital meals, walked around the nurses station and had a few visitors. He is exhausted tonight. He is talking lots and lots and lots and lots... The doc says that is to be expected. We need to be patient while he tells us all he wants to say :) He had a high light when Joe, his business partner, came by and they talked about the office for a few minutes. Mike often falls asleep while he is in midsentence, but seems to be able to wake up and carry on where he left off. The naps are for just a few minutes. He was able to read all of the comments on the blog today and was so thrilled to hear from each of you. He also got a handful of cards from his Rotary friends and was so excited to read each of them. After a few beautiful bouquets arrived he said... "Tell my friends to please give the money they are spending on flowers to those in the community who need assistance." He then named agencies who could use money... We are grateful for another day with progress.


  1. Dearest Mike/Nancy/and family,
    Hello from Eagar, AZ!
    Mike, you are probably aware that previously Nancy threatened to give you everyone elses phone numbers because of your post-surgical nocturnal verbosity.
    Well, she's in luck; I'm on-call all weekend! If you get the chats at o'dark-thirty, call my cell: 928-245-2127. That's a serious offer!
    Shauna and I love you and your family and everything you are about.
    You are awesome.
    Thomas Bigham

  2. I am so grateful for these updates.

    Mike -- you are a trooper!!! We continue to pray for the Ellis family.

    p.s. Nancy, etc. -- you are all troopers too.

  3. Dear Mike and Nancy,
    It made me happy to read all you were able to do the day after sugery. The fact that you didn't want any more money spent on flowers for you is so, well, you. :-) I hope today is another good day for you.

  4. Good morning! Every evening I read these updates to my Mike...for whatever reason he has trouble pulling this up on his computer. Last night I told him that Mike was up and around and he couldn't believe it! It's wonderful! I also told him about Mike wanting money donated to the community rather than to flowers. He said, "that sounds just like him!". We are so happy to hear of all the progress and continue to pray for all of you...

  5. Dear Mike and Family,
    I literally laughed out loud at your description of Mike's middle of the night chattiness! I am so thrilled he is doing so well and extremely grateful that I can keep tabs on him via this blog. I continue to pray for a speedy and thorough recovery--and hope for the family's sake this middle of the night chit chat ends when the pain meds are no longer needed! Thank you for keeping all of us in the loop!!

  6. Mike and Family,
    We are very pleased that you are progressing so well. Feel free to also call me if you want to chat 744-2239. You are in my family's thoughts and prayers and... don't worry about that Boy Scout parking lot. We will get it as soon as the monsoons let up.

  7. Mike and Nancy...
    Our beloved Pres.Gordon B. Hinckley wrote: "God hath not given you the spirit of fear. That comes from the adversary. the Lord has give you the power of love,and a sound mind; the power of the priesthood, the power of your call, love for the gospel which you teach, for the people you teach, and for the Lord."

    I might add this personal note: I love you both and cherish the love we share one for another. To all those whom we meet as we learn more about His divine plan the enrichment is fulfilling.

    I am so blessed in knowing such worthy, loving people as you both...

  8. I am glad everything is going so well and Mike is in good spirits.

    Thanks for all the updates, Nancy. I'm sure it helps to write things down.

    Can't wait to see Mike in his new bonnet!

    Sarah Paulsen