Monday, May 18, 2009

The close of another day... awaiting dawn

Today was surely a busy Monday... much different than either Mike or I usually have. We are working hard on being patient. This morning we made a chart...

May 18, 2009

Goals for the day:
1. Take off bandage
2. Shower
3. Call to secure our Friday appointment with Dr. Phookan (staple removal)
4. Call Sharon the nurse at Dr. Adrian's office (I think Mike has a little crush on her)
5. Make sure Jane Hughes is being taken care of (another of our friends with a brain tumor)
6. Remember to be thankful for all of our blessings. (and there are so many)

We have check marks by all of the above... We had another amazing outpouring of service today. Some church members came and trimmed, weeded, raked and worked hard on our yard. It looks beautiful. We are so grateful.

As you can see by our goals, we are taking baby steps right now. Tomorrow we hope to lengthen our stride a bit.

Dr. Adrian told us that the oncologist wants us to read the book ANTI CANCER: A NEW WAY OF LIFE. Hannah downloaded it onto my Kindle. She has already read much of it. I will try to read tomorrow. So far she says it is wonderful and very informative. We again, are grateful to be having guidance from good doctors.

Somehow mornings are always easier for us. Pray with me that Mike will sleep well tonight. Love to all...


  1. Nancy,

    I had a beautiful message from Mike on my voice mail today! It was so great to hear his voice. His message said NOT to call back as you have him on cell phone restriction. Good job nurse Nancy! I'm sorry I missed talking to him. All my love to him and you! I'm so happy you are well taken care of by the great people in Muncie. I am there in spirit!


  2. Hi Ellises -
    Thanks so much for the website that allows us access to your family's great faith and progress. I am posting as Natalie our daughter because I am with her now in a foreign land as she gives birth to her 2nd child. I have eagerly read your posts with laughter and tears and great love for you and your family. Of course, you are in our every prayer. Even in such great adversity your family continues to inspire us. With much love, Susan Mangus

  3. Thank you for this wonderful blog. We certainly hope it helps you as much as it does all of us who read it faithfully! Mike, you are a trooper! Get that body as strong as possible for the next leg of this journey! There is no doubt in my mind that you are a survivor! Thanks for making sure the Head Nurse could get her nails done! That is definitely important and some small gesture that you can control! Relax and let your faith and the love and prayers of all your family and friends carry you through your journey!

    You and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Karen & Phil Jones

  4. Mike,

    I am very happy to hear and to see that you are doing so well, keep that great attitude up. And be very thankful you have such a loving & caring family and a bunch of great friends.
    Just to let you know things at the couple of job sites are going fine.
    Stay positive and strong and with those thoughts and Gods love you will be back on your feet and doing great soon.
    Like I had told you in an earlier e-mail even if a Dr. would give you some tuff news, keep your mind strong and with prayer it is amazing on what can come from that, my sister continues to do great and is living life very well (after being told 6 months ago she had 2 weeks left from her cancer), prayer and her great attitude continues to beat it. She continues to amaze her Doctor.
    When her doctor said I don't know how to explain the way you continue to improve, that someone up above is watching over you and answering all the prayers.
    So never give up always make great strides and just know you are in many peoples prayers.
    Take care.
    Mike Mitchell