Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wonderful friends...

Today we said good bye to some of our wonderful friends who have been here to visit with Mike and I. They brought with them such an amazing peace and comfort. At some point I will write about their thoughtful gifts.

Mike had another day of sleep, visits from friends and family, hospital food that didn't agree with him, and getting back into a chair. We look forward to another week and hope that this is the week when Mike will return home.


  1. Good Morning! It sounds like the Morgan's visit was just what was needed at this time. What a blessing they have been in our family's life. Mom sure enjoyed their visit as well. They are truly "family" to us.

    It made me smile to hear that Mike is back in his chair and having less pain from the DVT.
    May the start to this week continue on a positive path...maybe right out the front doors of BMH to HOME!

    Sounds like Rudy is adjusting well to his new situation. Wes and I would have helped out with him, but then it might have been hard to give him back again. You know how deeply we love our furry friends! (I suppose that's why we weren't asked?!)

    May you both find continued strength in the prayers of so many who love you so much.

    Love and prayers,

    Jan (aka Sis)

  2. Yes, Tyler and Karen are dear...I was pleased to get to see them a couple of times. You and Mike are blessed with so many good friends. I am praying that this week will be a very good one, with healing and rest for both of you. I hope I can visit with Mike this week.


  3. We hope that this week continues in a positive direction! :)
    Thinking of you......The Tschuors (and Rudy)

  4. Mike and Nancy,
    We continue to pray and send love to both of you. It was great to see big Tyler and Karen.
    They are dear folks and do seem like family.(Little Tyler, we still love you very much too.) Hopefully they helped sustain you both. We just hope this new week will bring positive energy to everyone involved in this journey. Maybe Rudy will also have a neat vacation at the Tschuor's home. It sounds like a great place for a good dog to visit. We will all be so happy when Mike can be at home. Love. J&B