Friday, September 18, 2009

Last minute instruction...

Today has been a whirlwind... I got up later than I had planned. Rudy had a big surprise for me on the floor when I did get up :( (In Rudy's defense... He has NEVER done this before.) The contractors were here most of the morning. We have new grab bars, a new shower, a new toilet, a new chair that has had 4 inches added to the legs, a new cane, a new wheelchair... and who knows what else. I went with Mike to occupational therapy this morning where he took a shower by himself, dressed himself and then did another 45 minutes of physical therapy complete with walking, and exercising his legs and arms. We received a lot of last minute instruction for exercising etc. at home.

We are set up for numurous doctor's appointments and out patient therapy appointments. There is no rest for the weary!

We took cookie trays to the physical and occupational therapists and another to the nursing staff. Our friend (the baker of the cookies) even threw in an extra tray for the night shift in case all of the cookies were eaten by the day shift.

The house got cleaned today thanks to another dear friend of our family. I planted some bright yellow mums outside the front door this evening. I need to do some grocery shopping so I will be able to start cooking for Mike again. I don't think I have cooked for a month!

I don't think we could be more ready for Mike's homecoming. I am so amazed that he has perservered each and every day of these past 4 1/2 weeks. Without his determination and optimism there is no way this homecoming would be happening tomorrow. I am so anxious to just sit on my couch and look at Mike sitting in his new chair!!! We are truly blessed and will always remember to be grateful.


  1. Have a great HOMECOMING! I am sure Mike will be smiling from one ear to the other! Both of you have worked so hard for this day...make sure you breathe and take it all in! Life is good!
    Maybe some chocolate chip cookies would be good too!
    Sis and Phil

  2. It would be great if Saturday is as beautiful weather wise as today was but whether it is or not, it will just be a beautiful thing having Mike home!

  3. Oh Nancy - I am SO happy¡ How GREAT to get him home - and after such hard work in the rehab will it feel a little like a vacation? Probably not - Mike will keep you running. I like the sitting in a chair thought¡

  4. Christmas is coming early to your house-- enjoy. You and Mike have been working so hard. Doesn't sitting and staring at each other at home sound wonderful?