Wednesday, September 9, 2009

another day, more progress

Mike's progress continues. He is working amazingly hard and doing extremely well. We will have a home visit by the therapist to see what kinds of changes we will need to make in our home to make it more accommodating for Mike's safety. Luckily, Mike is pretty much an expert on making things handicap assessable. We don't have to worry about a wheel chair... Mike told the doctor today that he is WALKING OUT THE HOSPITAL DOOR and coming home with ONLY a cane. I am going to hold him to it...


  1. Just a cane? Keeping up with the Hinkley's and the Eyrings I see! Thanks for your smile and energy. I think of you often as we work.

  2. I'm so proud of Mike for working with his whole body, mind and spirit to get back on his feet. The two of you are a great team.
    Love, Sandra

  3. No "silla de ruedas" for Miguel...good for him!
    Here's to another good day of progress. I hope the road trip to the restaurant was a good one.


  4. His great "go get 'em" attitude is what is helping him to make such progress! Love it! And I am sure you do too! Tell him to keep up the great effort!