Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Sunday news!

Mike's surgeon popped in today for a visit. He has been at a conference for the past week. He was so encouraging... The pathology thus far indicates all of the biopsies were necrosis, rather than malignancy. We feel so blessed and feel we have received an answer to the many prayers that have been offered in our behalf. Thanks to all of you for your continued faith...

Mike's staples came out this afternoon. Tonight's shower will include his head :)


  1. That is great news! Carmen

  2. Yeah Rah!! for such good news and a full shower!! Prayers are answered and our faith brings us through the troubled times and today's visit with the doctor proves just that. So, glad the surgeon took the time during a holiday weekend to check in with Mike...this doctor deserves a big gold star by his name!
    hugs and love to all,

  3. Oh what fantastic news! I am so happy for all of you.

    Brenda I.

  4. Great News!!! Think of you daily and look forward to talking to you soon, buddy!
    Mike Tschuor

  5. Wahoo!!! Thanks for letting us know the great news. I am with Barb, this doctor truly does deserve a gold star. Hope Miguel enjoyed the shower, HEAD to TOE! Here's to a better week for all.


  6. Yay! And, who doesn't love a good shower? Fantastic.

  7. Dear Nancy, Mike, and Family,
    We have spent some time away and also have
    been busy with family events. We intended to
    visit Mike, but haven't made it yet. We always read the blog and pray for Mike daily.
    You and Mike are always close in our hearts
    and our minds. We are always happy to see his wonderful progress - of course, with you cheering him on every step of the way!
    Great news from the Dr. and we pray for
    continued blessings from above....

    Love you all,
    Dan and Jana

  8. Wonderful, wonderful news. What a blessing and relief. We are so happy for you.
    Don and Jan Cruikshank

  9. Such a positive report! Thanks be to


  10. We're thrilled!
    Sandra and Randy