Saturday, September 19, 2009

The homecoming

We got Mike home today around 2:30...We both cried when we pulled into the driveway and saw the huge "Welcome Home Mike" poster on our front window... Thanks Nan! We realize we have quite a bit of adjusting to do... We had a system in the hospital but now have to develop a new one. I am sure in a few days we will have the routine in place. Until then, if we could limit visits and phone calls it would be great. I am thinking by tomorrow night, we may have a shower taken and medicines given :)

We will start out patient therapy sometime next week. We have a doctor's visit scheduled as well for the beginning of the week. Please pray for us to be able to manage well very soon.

The cookies didn't get baked today, but I did get breakfast ready for tomorrow... Tonight Mike will have to eat an ice cream bar :)

Again, thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. This was a monumental day. We didn't ever dream Mike would be in this situation. He is working hard and so are our kids and I to help make this transition to home move along smoothly. We have hard work ahead of us... Hopefully after a good night's sleep we will be ready to face things head on! Good night to all and may our Heavenly Father's richest blessings be poured out upon all of you.


  1. Were we all able, your friends and family would have lined your street all the way up to your home cheering you on. But you know we were all cheering from the sidelines in whatever place we were. I think an ice-cream bar makes perfect sense!

    Cheering you on in Peru...

  2. Gordon and Emolyn would have been there too, cheering you on. We ARE here doing the same. Many prayers everyday include petitions to the Lord to bless you Mike and Nancy and family! We know He can do all things, and seek that His will be done in your behalf.

    Cheering you on in Argentina . . .

  3. Another big accomplishment! We are so thrilled that Mike is home again. You are both fighters and winners! Good luck with the new "home agenda" and ENJOY! Our prayers continue, xoxoxoxo steve and jill

  4. We remember you daily in our prayers. Today we were taught by very wise 23 year old Sister missionaries who are on their way home. One explained: "To be baptized in a river/lake in an area in Brazil there are those who stand in a circle in the water to continually disturb the water to chase away the pirannahs while the ordinace is being performed. How sweet the symbol of the support system in the Lord's kingdom for the new member (and old). Your family is feeling the gentle lapping of the water. You are not alone as you struggle. We love you. T and MK

  5. I am thrilled for Team Ellis! The Amazing Mike and the Amazing Nancy are HOME! Clean house, home cooking, new chair, fresh flowers, happy Rudy.....all is well!! Enjoy the first day. Prayers continue for the routine to fall into place quickly and for the adjustments to be easy. Home is truly where the heart is. Hope to visit soon. God bless.


  6. I share your joy knowing that you are home together at last. We will pray for a smooth transition to home life, continued progress in therapy, and angels to support you daily.