Tuesday, September 8, 2009

more and more walking

Mike is walking more and more. He is now able to walk to the bathroom (with assistance) for his shower in the evenings. He continues to work hard in therapy. Today he balanced himself on his own two feet for five minutes at a time. His left sided movements are starting to come naturally without him thinking and concentrating on evey move. He is definitely on the fast track out of there!

Tomorrow evening 4 of the rehab patients are going to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Mike was among those chosen. I will join him and his friends. It will be delightful for him to leave the hospital for a time. Those who were planning on visiting tomorrow evening will have to wait until another day.

I continue to be amazed at Mike's progress. Thinking back to a week ago when he could barely move is hard to even imagine now. These daily miracles are only happening because your faith and prayers. We will be forever grateful.


  1. this calls for a ginormous HIGH-5!

    way to go Mike ... such great progress!!!

    and Nancy, oh Nancy... well these ((((( ))))) are great big squeezes going straight to you.

    if only I were closer to do these in person.

  2. Life's balancing act with Mike at CENTER STAGE! Hooray once again for the daily progress and Mike's spirit as well as yours. Daily gratitude for miracles. Go TEAM ELLIS!!


    P.S. ROAD TRIP to Red Lobster..what fun.

  3. Team Ellis just continues to get stronger and stronger everyday! Mike continues to be an inspiration to all of us...the physical therapist could not ask for a better patient than Mike. Have fun at Red Lobster and do not eat to many of their delicious rolls! I can imagine the smile on both of your faces as Mike grows stronger with each day! I know I catch myself smiling after I read the blog and hear of the progress you are making. Miracles are happening everyday around Mike! They better have door guards standing by when it is time for Mike to walk out of that hospital because he is going to be running by then. So very glad that Tyler and the grandbabies were able to vist over the weekend, that is therapy all its own.
    Charge on Team Ellis!
    love and hugs,

  4. I a dream that I was invited to Thanksgiving with all of you... Mama Ellis, President Ellis (yes, that's how I still think of him), Grandma Ellis, Hannah, Tyler, Allen, it was a delicious meal. Can you tell I'm thinking of you all often?