Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This morning we got word that Mike's brother had a heart attack and will require bypass surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are centered around Rick and his family right now. We have faith in our Heavenly Father's plan. We are not given more to bear than we can. Sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves of that.

Mike just called and said he is up to walking 300 feet without stopping! I was just reminded that he actually walked the length of a football field... Mike has found his balance (literally and figuratively.) That is always where he starts. I think some of us search for a long time to find balance. I am so extraordinarily grateful for his balance. I think by Saturday he may be juggling while he walks!!!


  1. Jan and Don CruikshankSeptember 2, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    Thank you so much for your updates. Sometimes it must be hard. Great to learn of Mike's progress. Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you all. You are all an inspiration.

  2. Wow! He's amazing! So glad to hear all the positive updates! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you daily.

    Mike and Sue Tschuor

  3. Again I say...AMAZING!! You are right, most of us search our entire lives to find our balance...good for MIKE!!! I am thrilled. This is a healing we will send some healing Rick's way as well. Stay you.


  4. It was so wonderful to visit with Mike and Nancy this evening, seeing him and seeing his determination was quite an inspiration. Nancy too has much strength and you see it through her undying faith and love for this wonderful man. After seeing Mike I feel guilty for not fighting harder each day to improve what I can and working on ways to find my balance. That smile is truly contagious... I do believe by the weekend he will not only be juggling but he will either be skipping or running. Incredible man! We will certainly send strength to Rick as family can only handle so much!
    Take care and keep moving those muscles...the next time I visit you the Therapist's will have nicknamed you the HULK!
    hugs and love to all,

  5. This is so extraordinary from an extraordinary man. Nancy, thanks for reminding us all of the balance in life - knowing who we are and where we are going. I am truly so grateful for your inspirational examples. I stand all amazed once again... The Lord is SO merciful and his grace is SO infinite. Karen

  6. Gosh Mike, you looked great today! Truly amazing! Sorry:( I missed you Hannah, SusanT

  7. Wow, way to go Mike!!!! Thank you for the updates. YOu both remain in our prayers. Your challenges have blessed our lives. You are teaching all of us a lesson in balance. Thank you. You and Nancy are an extrodinary couple with such great faith! We love you both! Bev and Lou Merrill (aka Rifleman)

  8. Nancy and Mike, It was so good to have a short visit with you this evening. Mike, you looked great and sounded great as you related your therapy are doing a fantastic job. Keep up that positive spirit. Your therapist must be amazed at your progress!! Having to ride in a wheel chair up to your room was "the pits" for me but I was glad to get there. Hopefully I can get into some more physical therapy after my next procedure, but I'm not planning to race you.
    Your hope, faith, and determination are incredible. Much love and many prayers. J & B