Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home visit

Mike and his therapist will be coming to our house tomorrow for a bit of instruction on getting around safely in our home. We are gathering the necessary equipment and hope to be ready for the big homecoming on Saturday. Today Andy and I moved furniture, took up rugs and rearranged some things. I hope we pass the test.

Here's a cute "Mikeism "... Today I walked into his therapy session and he said: "Hi honey tomorrow we are having guests for lunch." I said: "That will be great... how many?" Seems he wants the therapists, and the contractors to eat lunch with him at our house. It will be delightful :) I can't wait!

We have been so blessed with amazing caregivers over the past month. We have come to know them like family. They do their jobs with such excellence! We hope we can thank them adequately.


  1. Hi Nancy,
    I am excited for you and Mike that he will be back home on Saturday. I'm sure your guests will have a wonderful lunch at your home today. They are sure to feel the special spirit that is there.
    Love, Sandra

  2. That's so dad... Have a good lunch. I will call you on my way home from the gym.
    Love you

  3. I am sure they can feel your gratitude for all that they do, and I'm sure they appreciate that you recognize it! Have a great lunch.

  4. Nancy,I wish I had known about the lunch. What a wonderful idea and truly a "Mikeism" also a "Nancyism." Since we were so close to your place...even stopping there this AM after the small procedure...even frozen items from our freezer,but I am sure that Mike wants you to fix the lunch. I'm certainly not blaming him...just want to help out a bit. Hopefully in the next few days we can do just that...peach things, maybe apple things, etc. This will be a good day for you. Having people in like that is also one of my favorite things to do and haven't done much of that for a while. Glad Mike is feeling better and that Rudy is behaving. Enjoy the lunch. Love to all. J&B

  5. Hey...I would love to come to lunch! Oh well, I guess it is by private invitation only. Great to hear the news. Did you find anything interesting when you moved furniture and took up rugs?....that can always be an adventure for some of us. Enjoy your time tomorrow and we will all look forward to Saturday!


  6. Oh Nancy....if Jeff had told me that I was to expect guests for lunch with all the running around back & forth to the hospital, I might have been tempted to say...and how many lunches should I order??! Hope it all goes ones' expectations for the lunch will be nearly as big as yours & Mikes. Lots of love & positivity coming your way...
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea too!