Sunday, September 13, 2009


Mike woke up not feeling very well today. He napped during the afternoon and felt much better this evening. I hope he sleeps well tonight.

There is a lot to do this week. Mike has to fine tune everything he has learned thus far so he can get around well at home. We can't wait for his homecoming on Saturday. He will work hard this week so it can all take place as scheduled. We look forward to continued out-patient therapy. Tonight as I rubbed lotion on his legs and feet, he felt it on his left side!!!

We are so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who has guided us through yet another challenge. We aren't all the way through it, but we know we will be able to do it.

Thanks to the visitors today. Mike needed to see you. You buoyed him up so much!


  1. Nancy & Mike,
    Big week ahead, remember it "isn't how you finish the race, it is that you finish!" Mike has his heart and mind set on walking out of that hospital on Saturday, if that doesn't happen and it is Sunday or whenever that he gets to walk out, that is okay because he is walking out. Don't put so much stress on yourselves for the day he leaves, but for the walking out & being ready to be home on his own. You are both achievers and We are all cheering you on!!
    I relate your challenge to a cross country runner...Mike is coming up over that last big hill and is truly tired but he sees Nancy at the finish line and he gains the strength and determination he needs to finish the race!! Have a great week and don't forget to laugh along the way!
    hugs and love,

  2. Hooray for Mike!! He has to be SO ready to come home. Wednesday will be a good trial run..Rudy will be so thrilled!! Maybe you can take Rudy back on Wednesday to rehab and teach him some manners. :) This is a week to be thankful for...take it slowly and easily. I will fill a pinata so that we can break it in honor of Mike returning on Saturday. OLE