Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm back...

The last few days have been rough ones for us. Mike has been sick with a sore throat since Saturday. By Monday he really didn't feel well, but of course he tried to push as hard as ever in therapy. He developed a bit of a headache and of course we all worried. Our oncologist was called and immediately ordered a CT scan. The scan showed the beginnings of a little bleed due to the blood thinner Mike started taking because of the blood clot in his leg. (Did I mention before that Mike had developed a blood clot behind his left knee?) The blood thinner had to be stopped immediately. Today Mike was in the cardiac cath lab for about 2 hours getting a filter put into the main vessel in his torso... If the blood clot from his leg ever moves, it will be caught by the filter before it can go into his heart or lungs. Isn't modern medicine amazing? Mike slept for quite a while this afternoon as the drugs from the procedure wore off. He was up and ready for dinner this evening. We had to skip therapy today, but will be back at it tomorrow. We both feel as though we have a big test to pass before they will let Mike go home... Tomorrow, and Thursday will be our big "cram" days.

We are all so very tired from all that has happened in the last four weeks. I am sorry if I don't get all of you called back... Tonight I am going to sleep... NO MATTER WHAT!


  1. Modern medicine is amazing!! I hope you got your much needed, healing rest.

  2. Rest is what we all need to stay healthy....encourage Mike to rest even more and YOU try to rest as much as possible. I am grateful that Mike is better now...I cannot imagine all that he is going through. Please tell him that we continue to pray for a positive mental attitude and physical healing. Stay strong you two.....we are there for ANYTHING you need. Looking forward to Mike's homecoming!!


  3. I totally agree with what Molly has said...here for you anytime for anything!


  4. Everyone at Camp Crosley YMCA is praying for you both! Rest in the Lord and he will give you strength! We are here if there is anything we can do. Also remember when you are both up for it I have a lovely cabin with great views from the deck waiting for you both in Tennessee. Sleeps 8 and a family could pack a few more in! Rest!

    Richard Armstrong