Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the "meeting" went well

The doctors were all so kind to listen as I ran a "board meeting" this a.m. We are so very grateful for their expertise and knowledge. We are all on the same page now and are moving forward with much more confidence. We decided that right now we are going to concentrate on chemotherapy. Since Mike seems to have no active malignancy right now, the chemo can begin in earnest. It will be administered 5 days out of every month. It is a pill rather than an infusion. Mike tolerated it well at a lesser dosage and from all indications will tolerate the stronger dose.

We discussed Mike's homecoming and decided to wait until at least Saturday so the chemo can start in the hospital.

After our meeting Mike complained of some very intense right leg pain. After another dopplar this afternoon another clot was found. Blood thinners will begin again tomorrow.

We know our courage comes from above. We are relying on the strength and faith of each of you. Thank you again for your prayers and good thoughts in our behalf. I feel as though we are fighting a good battle. We are even becoming good strategists! The battle isn't over. Our children have been such magnificant support to us. They are wonderful adults. We have so much love and admiration for each of them.


  1. Nancy,
    Congratulations on hosting your first board meeting. So, glad the outcome was as we had hoped. Now, to get Mike up and running again one step at a time. You are very fortunate to have such great children, each capable of helping you through this trying time in different ways. Know that if you need me one night to stay over let me know...someone has to give you a break! Take care and remember to smile and laugh along the way!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Nancy, Lisa and I are walking in a "heart walk" this weekend but I don't think anyone will mind if we dedicate the 5K to Mike:) As always, I am available to help. SusanT

  3. Great news on the "board meeting". As "chairman of the board" at your first meeting, I know you are thrilled to know that you can all move ahead with confidence. Keep trusting in God and all of His goodness. Mike is THE MAN and will keep on fighting as we all keep on praying and sending our energy his way! Have Mike listen that healing music while he is resting. Let us know what you need....


  4. Nancy, you are amazing! May YOU continue to be blessed with insight - to know what to do, strength - to handle all you are asked, awareness - of all the love and prayers being directed to you and your family, and gratitude - to know that God loves you more than you can ever know.
    We all love and care for you and your family,
    xoxoxox jill