Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 update...

Seems Mike and I were a bit reflective today. We enjoyed talking about Hannah's birth 26 yrs. ago. We are so grateful for her pure spirit. We rejoice with her today as she attends the temple in Albuquerque.

Mike and I also reflected upon Hannah's 18th birthday. Her friends all gathered for a party but instead we sat and watched the television to get all of the information we could about the terrorist attack. We will never forget the great sacrifices of so many in that single event.

Mike's therapy went well. We recognize that he has a few more "tricks" to learn before he feels secure enough to come home. I have never seen a man work harder or be more grateful for small steps.

Tomorrow night we decided that we would have a date night. I am going to fix one of Mike's favorite dinners and take it up to the hospital and we are going to dine together. I look forward to cooking and eating with Mike. Three weeks in the hospital thus far... another week to go!

Mike should be finished with therapy by noon tomorrow if anyone wants to visit. On Sunday he will have no therapy so the day is wide open. I am sure he would appreciate seeing friends...


  1. I am sure he is really looking forward to a taste of that favorite dinner! I have also been thinking about Hannah today... I miss that girl!

  2. Mike and Nancy,
    We are so glad that Mike had a better day today; also that you reflected on Hannah's birth and now she's 26! How did she get to that age so quickly? We were having a church party that night and would you believe we went to a church gathering this evening. It was a good thing for us to do that. It was a special time, nice dinner and good sharing. After some good old singing there was a prayer time and a special prayer was given for Mike. Bill"stood in" for Mike and was annointed. The evening closed with the hallelujah chorus. We do believe that no one could have better grandkids than Hannah, Tyler and Andy. We love them all as well as the great grandkids.J&B

  3. Okay, Jane and Bill's message made me teary. How wonderful that Bill stood in for Mike and was annointed. We should close every day with the Hallelujah Chorus, shouldn't we? Have a wonderful dinner together tonight...this will be a nice break from the hospital cooking! Sending prayers your way, as always.


  4. Oh how grateful we are for the many faiths that bring hope and faith in our Savior. Hallelujah! I loved reading the post that describes how grateful Mike is for every small step. This was a great example for myself - who still stumbles greatly trying to learn new things. Thanks Mike and Nancy. Three down. One to go! You've done the lion's share! We send our love.