Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Calm, Peaceful Day

We had a good day today. Mike made great progress. The pain from the DVT is becoming more managable. Mike ate lunch from a chair rather than his bed. What a blessing it was for him to sit in a chair for a few hours.

So many wonderful people stopped by to see Mike this afternoon and evening. Thank you for brightening his day with your visits. We welcome visitors if the door is open. Mike may be sleeping and I may not be there... Hopefully you can judge if the time to visit is right.

Today I have been deeply touched by the gifts of some dear friends and family. Your time, talent, and sacrifice is so humbling. I will cherish the warmth and the beauty of these gifts and your love forever.


  1. ...and know that we cherish you two as well and will forever. I am so glad that Mike had a better day on Saturday. Physical battles are so tough but who we are is far beyond physical. I am so thankful to KNOW that and that you know that. Our spirit is who we are and what we matter what earthly things get in our way. Have a restful, peaceful day.


  2. We're so glad to hear that the day went well....Rudy is so much fun! Thanks for trusting us with him. He's becoming quite the contractor. He spent the day at the office with Mike and even went out on some job sites to take some measurements. Mike said he's teaching him that "contractors really aren't so bad!" :) He and Mulligan are becoming buddies and are giving Mike quite the workout with their walks. He said it was interesting this morning when they both spotted a cat at the same time!
    Take care....we're still praying and thinking of you so often! Hugs! Sue and Mike

  3. Sue and Mike....I don't know you but I am THRILLED to hear about Rudy and his new friends. Thank you SO much for allowing him to be a part of your family. Mike and Nancy have to be so pleased!

    Molly (Nancy's sister)

  4. Dear Ellis family,

    My parents have been keeping me updated on President Ellis' progress. I've been and am very interested in your family, especially because President Ellis influenced my life greatly through his pureness of life at an important time in my life. I'll explain . . .

    When I was about 12-13 years old I took a trip to Philmont, NM where stake presidencies were being trained. President Ellis, my dad, and I ventured to NM and shared much of this trip together. This was a critical time for me in discovering confidence in myself and the Lord. I would be surprised if President Ellis knew just how much of an impact he had on me then. There wasn't any particular conversation that I remember except that I could see and feel such pureness, goodness, and Christ-like love in him. I felt similar feelings about my Dad, and it was nice to have another great, quiet influence in my life. At that turning point era in my life, President Ellis was someone who showed me the joy and goodness the gospel has to offer. The impact he had on me then was deeper than I seem to be able to explain and write. He influeced me by simply being himself. I feel a sense of great love and appreciation towards President Ellis and always will. My heart is full, thank you.

    I will continue to keep your family in my prayers. With the greatest of respect, love and appreciation,

    Jonathan Chipman