Friday, September 11, 2009

Another little hurdle

For the last few days I noticed that Mike's left ankle and foot werea bit swollen. I mentioned it to the many doctors who come to visit Mike. None seemed too concerned. Last night the medical oncologist came to visit and I mentioned it to him. He felt concerned enough to order a dopplar. It turns out Mike has a blood clot behind his left knee. He started on blood thinner today. The clot was found early enough that it is still soft and there is no occlusion. We count this as another tender mercy that I felt strongly about being persistent with something that I didn't feel was quite right.

Mike seemed discouraged today. He was so afraid with the clot he would have to stay down and lose all of his momentum... This is not the case. He had therapy today as usual. My prayer tonight is that tomorrow things will look brighter for Mike and he will continue to improve.

I guess it is after midnight here... so it is officially Hannah's birthday. We are so grateful for her and the bright spot she is in our lives. Her 3 week visit brought us out of a slump and we are so appreciative of that and everything else she does for us and others. Happy Birthday to Hannah...


  1. Yessss!!! Happy Birthday Hannah! hope you have an enjoyable one - 26 year old! :) What a wonderful daughter and friend you are! Your parents are blessed to have you and you are blessed to have them (plus Andy & Tyler)

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah!! Nancy - so glad you listened and quietly persevered with your intuition. Hang in there all of you. Mike is fearfully and wonderfully made.
    Love - Charlotte

  3. Nancy, you are so wise and aware and capable. What an asset you are to Mike. Thank you for sharing this latest hurdle, as it gives us a specific need for which to pray.
    Love, Sandra

  4. will be a better day. Your strength and positive attitude keeps me going when I start to have a "bad day!" You are truly amazing as is Nancy. Smiles and hugs...see you later.


  5. Much love and my prayers are with you today and always. Mike's got a great nurse and advocate in Nancy Jo! Sounds like it's another day closer to that front door pick-up service! I know Mike can make it!

    One brother (Rick) is home and now Mike will be next! God is good and will be there to assist at all times. Keep up the faith.



  6. Happy birthday, youngest daughter of TEAM ELLIS!
    Happy Friday to Nancy and Mike of TEAM ELLIS! Positive energy, prayers and spirit continue to be sent your way every minute of every day. So glad Rick is better. Mike and Nancy: Trust in the Lord.


  7. So glad to hear all the Ellis family is progressing well. What work it takes to move forward! You are an inspiration. I love the way you work together as a family. Things are getting better!

    Much love!