Sunday, August 16, 2009

The week ahead

We have had a very quiet day. We went to church where great lessons were taught. Mike slept for quite a while this afternoon and is now up and working at his computer. Hannah and I both got a few winks this afternoon and are both feeling refreshed.

We don't know exactly what the new week will bring, but we do know we are pushing onward with faith. The radiation will be sometime at the beginning of the week. We will post more about that when we know more.

Hope everyone has a great week. Let's make the most of every moment!


  1. Mike looks great with both Will and Maggie at his side. You can just see his joy as he holds both of them. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

    I love checking in via this blog. It brings me comfort when I am so far away. The scripture posted from Proverbs 3:5-6 provides
    such peace and I read it often.

    May you find many blessings of peace, increased
    faith, and much love this coming week. I know our loving Heavenly Father is watching over all.

    Many prayers and love always,

  2. You are always on my mind....always. Praying for a good week on all counts. Glad you had a restful Sunday!!


  3. It is great to have the support of family - sounds like you had a great weekend. May the week ahead, though another hurdle, be one with peace as your companion.

  4. Nancy, Mike & family,
    Wishing you blessings from above and
    feelings of love to surround you all as
    you begin the week ahead. We are all
    thinking of you and sending love your

    Dan and Jana

  5. Nancy,I'm still with always.... hang tough,Mike. SusanT