Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Rough NIght, but a new day

Last night was a bit rough. I guess just knowing that there are new "spots" in my brain made my head ache and i had trouble laying down. I took Tylenol through the night, but it didn't help me rest much. Nancy was also up and down a lot last night and didn't rest. We hope for some relief today and some rest. We will post after the doctor's appointment, and hope for a positive report as to the treatment options. One is not operable and will likely just be treated with radiation. We will continue to trust God's plan for us and we understand that we have more to learn from this experience. We will keep the faith and endure His path for us.


  1. Dear Mike,
    I really appreciate you sharing some of your thoughts and feelings with us. I am praying that your visit with the doctor today will bring clarity to the treatment you should pursue going forward.
    With much love,
    Sandra and Randy

  2. Mike,
    You are so strong and courageous, thank you for always helping us find the positive in the negative. Good luck today, we hope for a good plan for your treatment and all that lies ahead.

  3. Mike and Nancy,

    My prayers are with you as you face another hurdle. You will be surrounded by angels unseen. I love you both and pray for you contantly.