Friday, August 28, 2009

One Step Closer to the Door

Dad moved to the rehabilitation floor late this evening. It looks like they are going to keep him pretty busy. His schedule will consist of getting dressed in the morning, eating his meals on his own in the dinning room with everyone else, 1.5 hours of rehab in the morning, and another 1.5 hours in the afternoon, shower time, and back to bed. For those of you who would like to visit the time to do so is very limited. He will have some time between 6 and 8. He is sharing a room at the moment so the number of people that can come at once should be 2 at the most and visits need to be limited to 10 minutes. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.



  1. What a thrill that they are keeping Mike busy! Knowing Mike's emotional and spiritual strength, he will gain back his physical strength soon!! What a guy....what a family...what a journey. Love you all.


  2. Healing vibrations coming from Florida.
    That tingling you feel is us.
    Just Breathe.


    Hi Mol

  3. And when you, Mike, walk out of that door, we will all be cheering!! Your strong FAITH and HOPE along with the desire to be healed are such important components of this journey. You are right in there making much progress. Keep it up. What a guy! What a family! And needless to say, What a Nancy! It is such a joy to claim every one of you. We continue to send our Love and Prayers. Jane and Bill

  4. We all know that Mike's will is strong, his faith even stronger and his ability to do what is put in front of him to its fullest or beyond. Soon, Mike will be up and about and Nancy will be trying to slow him down. Those therapist have no idea what they are in for...Mike will and should always be their best student. Some things never change, Mike has lived his life as one of the best students ever.
    Seeing and hearing how the family is working together on this journey, just shows all of us the strength and wonderulness of the Mike & Nancy Ellis family. As Aunt Jane said, what a family!!
    love and hugs to all,

  5. I well remember how Mike stacked that pile of hearts with exactness on the table one Valentine's Dance many years ago. I can just imagine that he is taking his stack of tasks and working his way through them characteristic exactitude and determination. He'll get this down! We are sending our cheers! This is quite the team working together! Karen and John