Thursday, August 27, 2009


We all had a long day today, but great progress was made. Mike is the favorite of the physical therapists! He is working so hard to get his left side functional again. He did regain some sensation in his left leg today. He also was able to use his left hand in gripping things. He was very, very tired after the session and slept a good while. When he woke up for dinner he told us that the sleep felt so amazingly great. He ate well and was back asleep in a very short time. We are hoping he can be moved to the rehab unit tomorrow. Mike is ready to get to work! We feel so blessed that we could see progress today. We are taking baby steps right now and are so very grateful for small miracles.


  1. Nancy,
    We are all learning so much from Mike! He deserves to be the favorite...he will willing do everything they ask of him and who can't love that smile.
    Don't forget to take good care of yourself, a strong caregiver will be needed when he returns home.
    Prayers and strength are being sent your way daily.
    hugs and lots of love to all,

  2. Certainly no one is surprised that he is the favorite. Keep up the good work, Mike. You really are an inspiration to us all. (As are you, Nancy, and the whole family.)

  3. Nancy,
    I'm grateful you were able to report a day of progress yesterday. Of course Mike is the favorite of the hospital workers.....I can just see him being cheerful, hopeful, cooperative and grateful for any and all service. This reconfirms what we all know - he is a great man. We love you and your family.
    Love, Sandra and Randy

  4. I agree with the other posts ~ of course he's the fav! How could he not be? His 'Light' is so powerful! There's no new way to state what examples you all are! So I'll just repeat it, and say thank you!