Saturday, August 8, 2009

We are home from a trip to the lake with some of our friends. It was good to be away from home for a day and night... Mike got to see beautiful Camp Crosley from the water as we boated around the lake. He was pleased to see the new deck which had been built there. We have such great memories of Camp Crosley. From the water we couldn't see the day lillies or the hostas that we helped plant last year, but I am sure they are lovely this year.

Mike slept almost the entire way home this evening. It was nice for me to drive and think with him at my side snoring ever so slightly. We are both tired from the trip, but look forward to the Sabbath day tomorrow. Know of our deep and abiding love for all of you.


  1. ...And ours for you.


  2. Nancy,
    Glad you were able to spend time away and reap some of the rewards of your efforts. I know they loved having you visit. Had a wonderful conversation with your Mom, rest and then enjoy Hannah getting here tomorrow.
    love to all,

  3. Dear Nancy and Mike
    It made me happy to know that you enjoyed a day at the lake. I'm also thrilled to know that Hannah will be with you today. Enjoy!
    Mike, I can just visualize you speaking to your Rotary group about adversity. I'm sure every person there considered himself fortunate to be present. You have been blessing people with your goodness and wisdom througout your life.
    Love, Sandra and Randy

  4. Camp Crosley! Spent some summers there many many years ago, when H A Pettijohn was the director. Brings back a memory or two,

    We think of you every day, and continue to use your blog comments in our Institute classes as appropriate.

  5. Love you both!!! Prayers continue for rest, healing and hope.

    Many hugs,