Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick Update

Dad had his surgery this morning. It went well. He got into surgery a little late but everything else went according to plan. They were able to remove what they intended to remove and get a look at what was left. Dad was awake and alert after surgery and is spending the night in the ICU. He is experiencing far less pain than last time, which is a relief to us all.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers today. It has been a long day of waiting for us all.



  1. glad to see that all went well. we miss you guys and are happy to see the good news

  2. So very glad that all went well, we will wait for the next step of this journey. Glad the pain was less this time and that Mike is being watched this evening at the hospital. We will continue to keep you in thoughts and prayers. Missed all of you today at Uncle Bobby's funeral, your ears should have been itching...good thoughts and conversation about how great your family is!!
    love and hugs to all,

  3. I have very positive feelings and will continue to pray for Mike and all of you.

    Love, Jim

  4. Thanks for letting us know, Hannah. Good news! You all hang in there--many prayers are with you.

  5. So very happy that all went as planned....Mike will get some good rest tonight and hopefully, you all will as well. Tomorrow is a new day that will be filled with healing and more rest. Love you all....

    Auntie M

  6. Great to see good news tonight. My thoughts are with you all.

    Ryan VF

  7. Thanks for the update. We love you guys!

  8. I'm so grateful to know that surgery went well. I hope today is a good day of healing and rest. Mike, your sweet comments in your post before your surgery on Tuesday were so meaningful to me. I know your testimony and gratitude are the very core of who you are.
    Love, Sandra

  9. Yeah! So glad he's not in as much pain...Were they able to get out everything they wanted to?
    (This is posting from tawny's blog - but it's Kristie doing the writing:-)