Sunday, August 30, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Sorry for no post yesterday... We seem to be catching ourselves coming and going. The move to the rehab floor has been amazing. We are so appreciative of the the training of the physical therapists and the nurses there. Mike has learned a lot of "new tricks." This left sided paralysis is a huge challenge, but Mike has made great strides. He is now able to sit up by himself from a lying down position and stand vertical with a bit of help. On the former floor, it took 4 people to get him up out of bed. He can easily do it now with one assistant. He is walking between the parallel bars and is doing much better with coordination. Last night as Hannah and I rubbed his left leg and foot, he felt the pins and needle sensation. If I could have done a back flip I would have... a small cheer (no pom poms) was done however :)

Tyler is visiting with Mike now and I will go after lunch. If anyone would like to make a short visit today, Mike would love to see you. I don't think he has any therapy this afternoon. We plan on having a great day and hope you will do the same.


  1. Nanc & Mike,
    I will try to stop by later this week as I am working all weekend. I too would do a flip or double back flip if I could. Mike is such a trooper and to have all of you as his coaching staff, it doesn't get much better than the Ellis Team! Thanks for sharing this big step with all of us. I am only a fan cheering you on every step of the way, but a big fan and right now a very proud fan of Mike's accomplishments! Go, Team Ellis!!
    love and hugs to all,

  2. We're proud of you, Michael Wayne! What a challenge you face, but no doubt you'll do all within your power to build your strength back up. Whatever else is needed...depend on the Lord and the power of prayer and you can't go wrong!

    As your mother would say, "Try your best, but don't overdo it either! You always were an overacheiver! Give your body time to heal."
    (These were not her words...but probably what she would say to son #2!)

    We will see you over Labor Day weekend. Until then...much love and prayers, Dear Brother.

  3. Hi all, I am up at Abby's this weekend and after spending the day cheering her at the Chicago Triathlon we are back at her apt and I can now send out a BIG CHEER for Mike! He has come so far after surgery. As always we are sending you strength and good wishes.

  4. Hooray...ole....AMEN!! This is great news...progress!! This week will bring good progress as day at a time! Prayers abound.


  5. I am glad the therapy is going well!

  6. So glad for all of you. And yes, tell Mike to rest and breathe. Now would be a great time for him to listen to the whole Dr. Weil cd on breathing. In fact, everyone needs to listen. It gives wonderful instruction on how to breate properly. When we breate properly we heal better.


  7. Uncle Mike & Aunt Nancy,
    All the Utah thoughts and prayers that we can muster up are coming your way! Karen and I look so forward to our trip to Muncie in a few weeks to see all of our Indiana family. We love you lots and pray for the Lord's sweetest blessings to be with all of you! Love, T, K & children's