Thursday, August 13, 2009

The fitting

Mike had another MRI this morning and then went to the radiation oncology unit to have another mask made to fit not only his head, but his shoulders. We had a bit of an anxious night as we anticipated today's procedures. Mike is such a trooper. He just does what has to be done. Today it was so wonderful to see him emerge through the doors into the waiting area of the cancer center. He looked so great in his bright red shirt with his smile that went all the way around and buttoned in back! It was obvious he was happy that things were finished for today.

We were able to visit and compare notes with our friends who are going through similar trials. We all agreed that we are in the fight together. We pray for each other.

Mike is planning on an afternoon of work. We are so grateful today's procedures are over. We are continually amazed at the way our lives are being blessed every with step. Thanks for your prayers in our behalf.


  1. One step at a are both so blessed! Prayers continue....recliner is there!


  2. You are both is one step at a time and sometimes I know they seem like baby steps! Just don't forget to stop and take a big breath...the steps don't seem so hard when one is breathing at a steady pace! Glad to hear Mike was wearing a Big smile, sometimes smiles are infectious and I am sure he brightened another patients day today.
    love and hugs,

  3. So why is my brother buttoning his red shirt (or smile?)in the back? Is that a new Muncie dress trend? Gotta love Mike's big ole smile! What a trooper! Whew! I was claustrophobic just thinking about that cast or mold being made. Do "organic" cinnamon rolls give you extra calming powers or something? You're my hero!

    Love you Michael Wayne! Love to Nance and the kids ('re never too old to be called "kids"!) too

    Sis (Aunt Jan)