Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sabbath Schedule

We love Sundays with the opportunity to worship the Savior, Jesus Christ, with so many of our friends. We will have a good lunch and an opportunity to visit with family today. Nancy's mother lost her last surviving sibling on Friday, so we'll try to provide some support there today.

There was a lot accomplished this past week and we will be busy tomorrow preparing for my surgery on Tusday morning and hospitalization this week. We appreciate your continued faith and prayers. We assure you that we are confident in the medical recommendations and have complete faith in our Heavenly Father's plan.


  1. Miguel, you ARE amazing, just like Nancy said yesterday! I have not been over to visit because of this cold I have had.....I am with you in spirit 24/7. Don't let Nancy get too crazy with the hair clippers.....I imagine Rudy is keeping a low profile when he sees her with them! Thinking of you on Tuesday.....sending prayers your way as always. Rest...enjoy Mozart...


  2. Dear Nancy and Mike, What a super amazing cople you are. Your faith strengthens ours. Thank you! Please know you are in our prayers every night. Just remember that you are both greatly Heavenly
    Father, our Savior, by many whose lives you have touched and especially by us!!!!! Bev (aka Rifleman) and Lou Merrill. P.S. Just was told my son in Ogden has been called to be a Mission Pres. Counselor. Hey, Mike, what calling could be better! Maybe I'll have him contact you for training. :-)

  3. Mike, Nancy & Kids,
    Have a great Tuesday, but I am widhing you an even better Wednesday! "Faith does not help you go around trouble, it helps you go through it!"

  4. Mike & Nancy,
    I continue to be amazed by your faith and good humor through this difficult time. You both are truly an inspiration to me. I will be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way, especially tomorrow.
    Love to you both,
    Jane n.d.

  5. We were so happy to get a positive update on you all from Sam Noble who visited last night. We continue to be inspired by you - as always. Had a nice visit with Rocks on Temple Square a few weeks ago. They said to give you their love. Sam said Hannah is there for awhile - so glad for you. Sam also informed us of your pending surgery tomorrow. You will be in our thoughts and prayers (and countless others as well, I am sure). How great to have influenced SOOOOO many lives that the prayers in your behalf will be staggering. What lives well-lived!! We love you. Susan Mangus