Sunday, August 9, 2009

We are ready to fight!

We are starting a new week. The troops are rallying. (Hannah is traveling from the airport as I write.) We are ready for the little surgery Mike will have on Tuesday and we are ready to radiate those tumors with all we can give them! Mike has a lot to do... and by radiating the tumors he is going to get things done!

Our good friends from Florida stopped by today and will stop by again tomorrow. It was wonderful seeing them and sharing experiences. Mike went to a meeting tonight but wants to be texted when Hannah arrives so he can come home. I even made chocolate chip cookies today... That's a first in 3 months!

We hope you will rally with us this week and pray for a great outcome from this treatment. Your prayers have strengthened us beyond imagination. We are not finished...


  1. I hope all goes well tomorrow. You know that you can cling to all of the many friends that love you and Mike so much. Praying for your whole family, and lifting you up daily.

  2. Give Hannah a big hug from her Aunt Jan! Hugs to all for that matter! May you each find this time together one of faith, good cheer, and continued stength from above.



  3. I love it!!! ...and neither are we (finished). Prayer is powerful. Love you guys! Today at a district conference John was thinking of Mike. What powerful part in our lives the two of you are. Karen and John

  4. Nancy,
    I am so glad that you made chocolate chip cookies and the fight is back! You can all make it through this, you are a strong family and Mike is a quiet but strong leader!
    Good Luck and keep the faith!
    love and hugs to all

  5. Nancy and Mike,
    I got out ingredients to make something good to eat FOR YOU AND MIKE. It's now 9:30 PM and I haven't made it yet!! It might have been chocolate chip cookies----don't great minds work together?? I'll take on that project tomorrow AM and change the menu. Glad you are back in the fight. We're all in it with you.
    Much Love to all---give Hannah a big hug and some kisses until we get there to do the same.
    Your Mom and Dad.

  6. Seek the Lord and his strength;
    seek his presence continually!
    —Psalm 105:4
    I think about you both every day. I'm glad Hannah is here and with the boys nearby you will feel stronger together.


  7. The Creers are rallying with you -- with all our might. We are praying, praying, praying ......

    love to you all.

  8. Nancy,
    I hope you give Mike some of those chocolate chip cookies. Give him some raw dough too. I can't think of anything that would give him more hope. We are praying for you.

  9. Prayers, prayers and more prayers are being lifted up for both of you from the Tschuors....
    may you feel God's peace, comfort and strength as you continue the fight....with love and hugs,Mike and Sue

  10. I believe in the healing power of Nancy's chocolate chip cookies.

  11. We are a strong family and we will fight with everything we have. We are all in this together and are blessed to have each other.


  12. "...and HE will raise you up on eagle's wings....and hold you in the palm of His hand". That was the psalm (song) you heard from me when you were in Salt Lake City at the music convention. Kay, Darrell and I listened and watched that video just the other night. Thinking of all of you......knowing you will stay strong!


  13. Amen to all of the above! Continuing those prayers! So glad Hannah is here too.

  14. Sending mighty prayers and thoughts your way from the Roush/Mehner family in California . . . we love you!


  15. Prayers and chocolate chip cookies!!! Go Team Mike!

    Bill and Holly

  16. Prayers of many, chocolate chip cookies, Mike's unfailing optimism, family and friends' love, and wonderful doctors - A WINNING COMBO!!!!! Our family will be praying and thinking positive thoughts all day tomorrow !!!!!!


  17. We've got our rally caps on and are waving the rally rag for team Mike! We add our prayers and faith with all the others.
    Love to all of you,
    Randy & Sharon

  18. There is nothing better on this earth than
    chocolate chips - I don't even care about
    the cookie part! Here's to the healing
    strength of prayer in numbers (large numbers)
    and chocolate chips!!

    Best wishes to Mike tomorrow. Hello to Hannah
    and so glad that everyone is there together -
    there is strength in numbers, especially with
    a family as strong as the Ellis's. We love
    you and pray for you daily!

    Love, Dan and Jana

  19. Mike and Nancy,
    Our shoulders are squared and we are kneeling on your family's behalf.
    Much Love, The Horowitz family

  20. i am thinking about you. often. much love. erica wall. (i need your email to send you an invite.)