Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In Albuquerque there is almost always a rainbow when it rains. It rained here last night and I caught myself looking to the east for a rainbow against the mountains. There wasn't a rainbow (or mountains for that matter). I think for the last few week's it has been raining at my parents house and they haven't had the sunshine to see the rainbows. Yesterday after dad's surgery the rainbows came back (perhaps there is some sort of reflection off of the gold beads). We had a good afternoon yesterday, and have had a good morning this morning.

Dad went to work this morning after eating organic cinnamon rolls, which are so good he didn't even miss not having frosting. Mom and I got up, ate cinnamon rolls, and walked down to Nana's for banana bread and a good visit.

The kind gestures of family and friends over the past few days have brought the rainbows back to my parents house. We again have things to look forward to doing, and are again ready to combat rainy days with sunshine. Thank you for all of your sunshine... Keep it coming.



  1. Hannah,

    What a beautiful message and so very true....your arrival and visit is part of the "sunshine!"


  2. Hannah, I enjoyed your writing about rainbows. It's just one more gift from God above to let us know He's always there. Come rain or come shine, we trust in his wisdom. He knows the whole picture. I am sure having
    Hannah home is a breath of sunshine to both parents, grandparents, and the entire fam!


  3. Hannah,
    You are a treasure for your Mom and Dad.
    Nice to see you.


  4. Hey said it well. So glad you are here with us....we all need your strength, your insight and your faith. Love you bunches.

    Auntie M

  5. Dear Mike and Nancy,
    Yes, friends do strengthen faith. Your friends have buoyed you up, but you, likewise, have strengthened our faith as we've followed you through this journey! Hope your day is a great one today.
    Love, Kathy

  6. Nancy, Mike and family,
    Each day we find strength from one another and accept the new normal as it comes. You are doing a wonderful job facing the new normals and the challenges that go with each day. So, glad the family is all here for now, I know it means so much to have Hannah home and the boys just a call away. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    hugs and love to all,

  7. Even though scientists can explain what makes a rainbow, I prefer to think they are more magic than science. May some rainbow magic grace the Ellis household.

  8. Hannah,
    What a joy it must be to your family to have you there with them at this time. Enjoy your time together and each other and may there always be rainbows for everyone in the Ellis household.
    With much love,
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea