Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mike had a rather restless night. He was very sad to hear the news of Senator Kennedy... The doctors have been in this morning and were delighted to see that he has been working with his left arm and leg and already has more mobility. They are going to try giving him more medication tonight that will relax him and allow him to sleep. He is anxious for the physical therapists to work with him today. He was moved to the oncology floor last evening, but will probably move again tomorrow to the rehab unit. We are doing well. Our dinner last night was delightful... thanks so much K for the service. We appreciate all that everyone is doing for us. We have the best friends and family on earth.


  1. I wish I were closer so I could do more than pray and send all my best thoughts your way... but know that I am doing that!

  2. I am glad Mike is situated in his room and that he will get more rest tonight!! Sending well wishes and prayers....always....have a good day....ALL OF YOU!!

    Molly (a.k.a. Auntie M)

  3. Sounds like Mike is playing musical beds in Ball Memorial Hospital! I hear they do that with difficult patients! Ha! Ha! Actually, I am sure he's being a pretty well-behaved patient. He's a pretty great guy.

    My thoughts and prayers are wth you, dear brother! Sleep well tonight and work those limbs back in to shape. We are hopeful to get to see you over Labor Day weekend.

    Sis (Jan)