Friday, August 28, 2009

Up on his feet...

The progress is going to be slow with the rehabilitation of Mike's left side. Seeing him work so hard in his therapy today was heartbreaking for me, but the therapists are pleased with the progress. It was wonderful having my kids with me today. They surely take away some of the burden. During therapy, Mike did get vertical between the parallel bars. The kids are with him at the hospital now and I opted to take a rest. He is being transferred to 4 East tonight sometime. We have loved the oncology floor. The nursing care there is outstanding! We will see progress each day... I just know it. Thanks to those who visited today. Mike will be having at least 3 hours of therapy a day from now on. Anyone wanting to visit might try calling my cell phone or Mike's room phone to make sure he or I will be there.


  1. Dear Mike and Nancy and family, We pray for and think about you every day. Your blog is the first place we go to every morning when we turn on the computer. We have implicit faith in the Lord's ability to heal. We pray continually for that, and that His will be done in your behalf. Thank you for living so graciously and faithfully. We are uplifted by your incredible examples. We put your names on the temple prayer roll again yesterday. All our love--Gordon and Emolyn

  2. We'll be in Nauvoo tomorrow. You're names will be on the prayer roll at that temple too. We love you guys!