Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mike had another MRI last evening. It went well. He said it was the easiest he has had yet. I am sure that is due to the prayers of many in his behalf. We feel very peaceful as we await the results of the exam. We continue to have angels who help us every day as we continue this journey. I received another beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday, signed "love Mike." Thanks to whoever is sending those in Mike's stead.


  1. Nancy, I just got home from a very short visit with my Mom(92:) who is also sending her "good will" thoughts to Mike from Naples.

  2. Thinking of you and Mike today, as always. I am glad the MRI is finished and I am continuing to pray for peaceful moments, hours and days for both of you.


  3. I'm glad that the MRI was easier than they've been in the past. And that is so sweet of someone to send you flowers. :) You are loved and in our prayers!