Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It matters that things get done, not that any one in particular does them.

Having chemotherapy causes some real introspection. Mike had a restless night last night, but dear Andy was here to quietly chat with Mike. I slept very soundly after having a restless night on Monday. Mike has an appetite and is up and ready for physical therapy today. We are trying to conserve energy to go to a community function tomorrow. I think it will be so good for Mike to get out and so good for many to see him.

We are so grateful for time we have together to share our thoughts and feelings. Mike is such an incredible man. Last night he was asked by a friend to tell some of his "accomplishments" and things he is most proud of. His comment was, "It doesn't matter that I did those things, it just matters that they got done."


  1. You are right Mike is an incredible man...always putting others first. Hope your outing goes well and you both have a peaceful night tonight.

    love and hugs,

  2. Nancy, Do I have permision to use Mike's quote at my volunteer luncheon? Can't think of a better example of someone living their best life and making the best choices. As always, hang tough............SusanT

  3. I am humbled by just reading Mike's words. I feel like I know Mike better than I ever is that for a wonderful outcome from adversity? I know you will have an incredible experience at your outing today...folks will be thrilled to see and to talk to Miguel and you...enjoy!!


  4. That's such a Mike-ism!! It's unbelievable what he's accomplished (quietly) with very little or no fanfare.

    I am proud of the two outstanding men that I call my brothers. They are both wonderful men. Our Mom and Dad certainly did a great job with them both!


    Jan (aka Sis)