Tuesday, November 24, 2009

trip to rehab flooor

this afternoon Nancy hauled me out of bed and we went toBMH3rd floor rehab to deliver a thankyou gift of a Wii Fit system. they were alll thrilledto see me and gratefulfor the gift. ffor the gift, we hope they will find creative ways to engagepatients. i got lots of hugs&a kiss from my favorite nurse. it was a wonderful excursion.



  1. What an incredible thing to do....I know they must have been thrilled to see you all of them to see you! You are both truly amazing!


  2. What a heartwarming gift... the rehab floor will never be the same! Good for both of you...I think Nancy should go and do some "demo" work!


  3. Mike & Nancy,
    What a generous thing for you guys to do. I know how much you guys have enjoyed your Wii and hopefully this will enable someone else to see how to have a bit of fun while working toward physical independence! Also, glad to see you posting Mike...that must be big relief for Nancy and it is pretty nice for us too :-) Have a great Thanksgiving!
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

  4. How fun! We have been planning on getting a Wii - I KNOW they'll love it! Especially the Fit system. How generous of you two. I'm thankful to know people like you. Happy Turkey Day!

  5. What a great idea for a gift! Mike, I love your posts. It's good to hear your "voice".

    Much love!


  6. Mike, Welcome back! Typical that when you are able to get out and about, your first thought is of others! We are up at Abby's for Thanksgiving in her small but cute apt. We will be thinking of you all and send a special blessing. Keep up the great strides forward. SusanT.

  7. Enjoy Thanksgiving - your favorite holiday :) I'm thankful your whole family will be together this holiday and I'm so thankful for you!!!

  8. Mike and Nancy, happy thanksgiving day. What a joy it is to know who we are and why we are here. You've each taught me so much about these things by your example. We've felt many things together to be grateful about. I am thinking about you today and am grateful for your friendship and bright example. Karen