Monday, November 30, 2009

A new chapter begins

Nancy and i met with the home healthcare supervisor this morning &will transition to outpatient care bext week. this is a huge change as we will not have nurses& therapists herer5 days each weeek. we will be driving to therapyand handling all my personal health needs on our own. it will take a significant adjustment, but we expect greater progress in the long run.


  1. Mike & Nancy,
    Please let me know if I an help you with your trips to therapy. If you call when you leave the house I can meet you at the door and at least park your car and bring you back your keys! That way you can walk with Mike to his appointments, if that helps? I enjoy reading Mike's posts(and yours). SusanT.

  2. Good for you! They obviously feel you are ready to make this step.


  3. I agree with Susan. I would be happy to pick you both up and take you to therapy or help with parking the car. Let me know what days you have therapy.

  4. This had to be a tough decision, but the right one. Good for you! It will be good for you to be out and will make you stronger. We are all here for you.


  5. This could be more difficult, but well worth it to get out more. Take it one step at a time & reevaluate as you go. Also, take all those offers for help with getting you in & dealing with parking. The hospital isn't laid out too conveniently for transporting people for treatment. Save your strength for things that matter & parking cars & walking into treatment yourself really isn't as important as the other stuff. I'm sure that many of the other patients will be glad to see you guys again. Take it easy & I can't wait to hear about your progress..
    Love ya,
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

  6. It was so wonderful to see the fam at Thanksgiving! I have lots of pics to share.
    I will post them online on both of your email accounts (since I am not sure which one is not working right now).

    It was interesting to see how Mike is now the dark-haired sib! It's looking like a bit of corn-rowing by Christmas might work out afterall for him!

    Cheers on transitioning to the outpatient PT.

    Love and Prayers,