Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday after Thanksgiving

As we drove to church this a.m. we noticed many, many Christmas decorations. It doesn't seem like it is time for that yet... Our time references have changed so much. I suppose sometime this week Hannah will help with decorating. She will have to come back and help take it down. We may downsize the decorations this year.

We ate roast for dinner. It was nice to not eat turkey again. Turkey is great for a bit, but the first "real" meal after Thanksgiving leftovers always tastes so good. Mike has had a very good appetite lately. I told him today that he is going to have to start moving more if he plans on eating lots...He needs to fit into his clothes :)

We have enjoyed having family visit for the last several days. Allen returns home tomorrow and Hannah at the end of the week. They have been such a help to me. We have given our "regulars" the week off.

Last evening my sister treated Mike and I to a massage. The therapist worked on each of us for over an hour. It was heavenly! I slept like a baby last night while Hannah took care of Mike's needs. Mike has been sleeping fairly well also. I think he was more relaxed than usual last night. We may have to make a habit of massages!

We are so thankful at this time of year for all of our amazing friends and family members. We are thankful for our faith. We thank each of you for your kindness and care during these last several months. Our journey continues a day at a time. Thanks for walking with us.


  1. Ahhhhh...a massage...what a wonderful treat for both of you! Glad to hear things are going well for now & that visiting with friends and family went well too. I made lasagna today & yes, it was wonderful to not eat Thanksgiving leftovers! Take advantage of Hannah helping with the Christmas decorations...wish I had an interior designer helping with mine! Take care and get Mike up and moving about...I'm sure that makes everyone feel better.....
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

  2. I am so thankful that you both have relaxed a bit....yes, we continue to walk every step of the way with you! Have a wonderful week.