Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sitting together in church

We started the process very early... but we made it to church this morning. Mike was determined to go and go we did! It has been 11 weeks since Mike has been to church. I was beginning to wonder if he would ever be able to sit with me in church again. What a difference a week makes.

It was our children's program today and it was absolutely delightful. The children reminded us of the importance of eternal families. Their sweet messages and music filled our souls.

We plan another outing on Tuesday to see the doctor. Chemo starts a week from tomorrow, so we need to make hay while the sun shines!


  1. How made my day by letting us know you made it to church!

    love and hugs,

  2. It was so good to see you both yesterday. I'm so glad you were able to get out & get to church today as it was a beautiful day to be outside. Hopefully, you will have many more chances for such things. We mean it when we say for you to let us know if you need ANYTHING!!
    Love ya,
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

  3. How wonderful! I know there are more good days ahead.


  4. Hooray for church! You did a great job as a team getting ready, getting in the car, getting out of the car and inside to worship...things we all take for granted. I hope Mike was able to rest after that great visit to church with you. Looking forward to a good week for both of you!!


  5. Mike & Nancy,
    You both have done so much "work" and deserve all of the great strides you have made the last few days. Who would have thought we would be wearing flip flops in November? Someone upstairs must be giving Mike a break in the weather! Hang tough! SusanT

  6. Aloha Ellis family!
    I'm glad I finally got your blog address, and I can check up on you crazy kids! Feel free to wander on over to mine now and then for a little Hawaii sunshine (in your soul, of course). :D Keep the updates coming. Love you both!
    ~Anna Clark

  7. What a different outlook I have on our Sabbath now. Thank you.