Friday, November 13, 2009

It's the week end again...

Today has been a good day for us. Mike is making such great strides in his physical therapy. He is now able to get to the shower with minimal help. We are so grateful for the work that our contractor friends did in our bathroom to make it accessible for Mike. We are also so thankful for our physical therapist who is so patient and kind as we try new things. We are planning on a "Saturday night shower" tomorrow so Mike can be ready for church on Sunday. Again we will attempt to go to church but must not shake hands or give hugs. Mike's chemo starts again on Monday. The results of Mike's blood tests were great last Tuesday, so it looks like Mike is strong enough for another round of treatment. We will have some out of town guests visiting at the end of next week. We feel so blessed that they are willing to travel long distances for a visit. We are truly surrounded by wonderful people.


  1. We continue to hope and pray for you Mike. Our prayers include your whole family---to have peace and comfort. You've inspired us over and over again with your determination to "press forward in faith, with a steadfastness in Christ". We're happy for you in your great progress! Keep going! We love you! Con amor--Gordon and Emolyn

  2. YAY! I can't wait to come home and see you in just four weeks!

    love you miss you!

  3. Mike and Nancy,
    How wonderful to see you at church again today. Seeing the children's program last week and this week, the wonderful choir - I'm so glad you could come. I will be thinking of you this week.... Kathy McC.

  4. A "Saturday night bath" is a good idea for us all! What a blessing that you went to church again yesterday....Mike is determined and so are you!! I am praying for a good week for each of you.

    Many hugs,

  5. It's hard to keep distance when we see you at church, I dont want to risk one of the little ones touching Mike. It's nice to see you there and I hope you know we are sending ((hug vibes)) your way!