Friday, November 20, 2009

Round 3, Day5

you willnote a new poster today. One of the therapists suggestedIget more involved in the blog.Tonight is my lastday of chemo for 3 weeeks.

Last nightwe went to a public showing of a commmunity health center we designed. it was wonderful to seelots of clients and community volunteer friends. i wastired and slept well, but i'm"still tired this afternoon after sleeping most the day..

Nancy is busy making my dinner to eat before th medications start. we look forward to one more good nightbefore the break.



  1. Mike,
    It is so good to see you blogging again! I look forward to the updates from Nancy as well. Keep hanging in there my friend. You are thought about often. Brenda

  2. GREAT JOB MIKE!!!! Keep it up:)

  3. Hurrah Mike,
    How great to see YOUR BLOG, even though we were always glad to see Nancy's. We are so glad that you felt well enough to go see the facility yesterday. Keep up the good work---it sounds like your company is doing fine things. They always have!! Again much love and prayers are coming from the Eaton area.
    J & B

  4. Yay, Mike! So good to hear directly from you. We're praying and thinking of you and family always. Hope you have a very restful weekend!

  5. Welcome back, Mike! It's good to hear from you. We are all sending you and your family positive thoughts and prayers. We also elected you to the board again at Habitat - whether you wanted it or not!! We miss your wonderful smile and wise counsel. We are all looking forward to your healthy return.

  6. It did my heart good to see that Mike has posted something on the blog today! I can't wait to see my two favorite brothers this week.
    (Of course, I'm eager to see Sally, Cami, and Nance too...that goes without saying)! The GA Ricks and the KY Wes'should both be coming into Munseetown on Wednesday.

    Wes sent you email pics of the basement being dug yesterday! Can't see much yet, but the excitement had to be shared somehow! Ha! Ha!Keep up the positive progress, so you can come check out the building project over on 600N in Anderson. We'd love to have both of you and Nana as our first house guests!

    Love & prayers. See you soon!


  7. Mike and Nancy
    We are delighted. Please know that we think of you so often. We petition the Lord daily for His tender mercies to rest upon you and your family.
    Elder and Sister Lyon

  8. Oh Miguel, you have NOT lost your blog touch. I am so grateful that you were at the community health center that GEA designed...I am certain that you were the star of the evening, and rightfully so! You and Nancy are my "star power" every day that I live.


  9. Molly says it best for all of the family!!


  10. Mike,
    It was so good to see you out and about at the open house! It was truly a great surprise. I am so glad that you are feeling better and able to go to the things you want to go to. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.