Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The doctor's visit went well yesterday. As is usually the case after an outing, Mike is exhausted. Today he has slept the morning away. The therapist just called and said she has a cold so she won't be coming until tomorrow. Looks like we have a day without any home health care! It is kind of nice to just have peace and quiet.

Mike and I have enjoyed doing some Christmas shopping on the internet. We are looking forward to the holidays. It will be wonderful spending time with our family.

Thanks so much for everyone who has helped us recently. Staying with me during the night, meals, yard work, flowers, visits, etc. have been so appreciated. We continue to be comforted by your goodness.


  1. Nanc,
    You and Mike are always in my thoughts. I keep
    sending you healing vibrations through out each and every day.
    Many healing hugs to both of you.

  2. Sending prayers and Concannons your way!! I hope the sunshine has helped...glad you are my sister....glad Mike is my brother-in-law!


  3. It's nice to hear that you both had some down-time to enjoy. It's hard to imagine that Christmas is just over 40 days away. On-line shopping seems to be the way to shop any crowds, no running from store-to-store, and it can be done any time day or night!

    We are excited to be coming home to Muncie for Thanksgiving and seeing both of you as well as the Georgia family members! Mom sure needs to see "her boys" together after such a rough summer. Hopefully, she wants to see "her daughter" too!

    We send our love and prayers each day and especially as the next round of chemo is done.
    May God grant you rest and recuperation over these hurdles ahead.

    Much Love Always,

    Jan (aka Sis)