Saturday, October 24, 2009

the week end is finally here.

Mike has completed this round of chemo. The last 5 days have been brutal. Mike is very, very tired. We are hoping he rebounds well in the next few days. His pattern has been to sleep almost all day and night. Thanks to all who have stayed and helped during these past 5 days. We now have three weeks until we start again.


  1. Much love and many prayers are being sent upward in your behalf. May you draw strength in knowing how much your family loves and cares about you both. Our loving Heavenly Father will continue to hear and answer prayers. Rest up and gain as much strength as you can each day.

    Love Always to Both of You!

    Jan and Wes

  2. Nancy and Mike:
    May you both find good rest today, and tomorrow, and each day after. Thanks to all who are there for you.
    Love -
    Charlotte and Dave

  3. I am thankful that the chemo is done for now. Praying for a good week for all....


  4. Daily prayers are being said for Brother Ellis in our home. Hope that you have an easier week.

    Much love!

    Tiffany and kids

  5. Nancy & Mike,
    We do hope and pray that this week will be much better than the last for both you and Mike. Hopefully and prayerfully, the next 3 weeks will bring new strength, rest, and joy to both of you. Love, love, love. J&B