Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We made it through day 2 of chemo with flying colors! We spent a lot of the day working on relaxation and deep breathing. Mike was very exhausted from the previous day. Already this morning he has had physical therapy, getting into and out of the car 3 times and walking with the walker.

The sunshine and warmth are such a welcomed blessing today. We plan on taking a walk down the street today. A Concannon's roll tasted very good to Mike this morning:) It didn't taste bad to me either!


  1. Nancy, It was so nice yesterday I thought on my walk I would see you and Mike enyjoying the sunshine! I think today will be even warmer. SusanT

  2. Nancy (& Mike too),
    Yesterday, I met someone who knows Mike & asked about him. Her name is Cheri Spicer-Longerbone from the William Baker Co. out of Indy. She came to my office to deliver some samples and Mike's name came up in conversation. She hadn't heard much about his condition since the beginning and was very sorry to hear that he's had all the challenges he's had this summer and fall. She said to tell Mike that she would be praying for him and that she hoped things would improve for him soon. She also had many nice things to say about Mike as a person and as a professional. Something I think all of us hope to achieve during our lives.

    Also, I spent a good deal of time last night talking with Aunt Jane. It was good to talk to her and it was good to hear that things are going pretty well for she and Uncle Bill. You have good parents (& in-laws) that really care about you. Hope you get out to enjoy some of this beautiful weather. Take care....we are still sending positive thoughts your way...
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

  3. I am thrilled to hear the news about Mike getting into and out of the car...I KNOW what an accomplishment this has been. I feel a little out of touch since I am out of town, but I am just now catching up on the blog. Thinking of you and sending prayers your always. Love you both...tell Hannah she rocks!


  4. Nancy, Mike, Andy and the rest of the wonderful Ellis family -

    I think of all of you often with good thoughts and lots of prayers. I appreciate the updates via this blog. It may be awhile but I still look forward to Mike getting back into the driver's seat at GEA. Hugs for all of you. Brenda I.