Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We are experiencing the aftermath of chemo. Mike sleeps about 20 out of every 24 hours. We are able to have some good conversations at this point.

We finally let Hannah go home yesterday. Her visit was so wonderful for us. We just got word that Allen's grandma died so she and Allen will be heading to California soon.

We have faith in our Heavenly Father's great plan for our lives. We know there are lessons we still need to learn in this process.


  1. You, Mike, and your children are truly awesome...

  2. Yes, they sure are and I love them dearly!


  3. Thinking of you:)

    With lots of hugs, Mike, Sue and Rudy

  4. Nancy, Tomorrow we should have our Indiana Summer with warmth and sunshine, I hope you and Mike can enjoy part of the day outside! And as always, thinking of you daily....... SusanT

  5. Thinking of you all....stay strong...we are more connected throughout this struggle...love you!!


    P.S. Hi Rudy!

  6. Nancy, I hope you are able to rest during this time while Mike is sleeping a lot. We care about you and Mike and love you both.

    Sandra and Randy

  7. Nancy,
    We are all praying for some healing time for Mike and Team Ellis. You most certainly deserve it! May your days be filled with a little sunshine, some new found hope, plenty of rest to replenish your bodies and spirits, and most of all, feel the love of your family and friends. You are always in our hearts and minds.

    Sis, Phil and Family

  8. Our thoughts and prayers are still with you, Mike and Nancy. You two are so strong and so awesome, even tho you probably don't feel either strong or awesome right now. Just take one day at a time. And - sleep is a good thing!

    Love to you.
    Mike and Carol Baker