Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quiet day

Today we didn't have any therapists or nurses. Mike was able to eat a bit more today. The nausea is subsiding somewhat. Eventhough he is still sleeping most of the day, he did get up and do some exercising this afternoon. So far he isn't losing any of the strength that he has gained.

We had another plumbing issue today...the third in three weeks! When I called the plumber, I reminded him that we are some of their favorite customers. Surely when this issue gets fixed there won't be anymore. We don't have anymore faucets or drains!

Andy celebrated his birthday yesterday. What a joy Andy is in our lives. We are so thankful for his tenderness as he helps care for Mike.


  1. Nancy, your wit and perspective never ceases to amaze me. I'll have to say that when you mentioned plumbing problems the first thing I thought of was physical! Oh thank goodness THAT isn't one of your issues. I hope they got it fixed for good!


  2. Mike and Nancy,
    We put your names on the temple roll yesterday. This will be the last time, as the Buenos Aires Temple closes this week for 18 months of reconstruction. We will miss the temple. We will continue to pray for you and exercise faith on your behalf. In our service in the MTC, we often say "the Lord will make up the differnce". It is one of the tender mercies of the Atonement. We also feel he will make up the difference for you.
    We love you.
    Gordon and Emolyn

  3. We love you. We pray for you and always add your names to the prayer roll when there. We know there could not be two people more deserving and worthy of all the prayers in your behalf. We pray that this will be a good week for Mike and all of his caregivers.
    with love
    Mk and Tim

  4. I'm so mindful of the two of you. What courage and faith. I cannot find enough words to describe how I feel tonight. I want to tell you how grateful I am for your examples. Tonight I want to tell you how grateful we are for who you are and have always been --- and to remind you that we pray for you all the time.

    I know the Lord is aware of and helping you - even in ways unseen.

    thoughtfully and with great love for the two of you