Saturday, October 10, 2009

Slave driver...

The occupational and physical therapists came yesterday. I saw what Mike can still do... It's up to me to encourage him to do the exercises on their days off. I find I am a real slave driver :/ Mike is worn out today from our 2 workouts... We still have one to go. I have learned way to much watching PTs. Mike thinks I am going to let him off easy... We ARE going to push forward and do as much as possible.

We sat on the side of his bed today and I made him hold hands with me and squeeze as hard as he could. He is gaining strength again and I didn't mind holding his hand. He is now staying up in his chair for 2 1/2 to 3 hr. stretches. If we can get him to transfer to a car we will be on the road again soon!

It helps our attitudes so much when the sun shines. Today has been such a gorgeous day. It renews our spirits when we can feel the warmth of the sun. Grandma sent a flannel quilt a few weeks ago. Mike is so warm and comfy under it. It looks so much better than those sterile white blankets at the hospital :)

We decided today that we should call at least 3 people to help brighten their day. It's hard not to look totally inward in times like this. Mike still has one phone call to make. If you got a call, I hope it helped :)


  1. Incredible always were a slave driver! Thank God for sun today, more strength for both of you and a better tomorrow. Thinking of you....always.


  2. Jan and Don CruikshanOctober 10, 2009 at 6:41 PM

    So glad to hear that Mike is doing better. It is heart warming to think of him using his homemade quilt. You are right about the benefits of home. Half of feeling better comes from being around the homey and familiar. Hospitals could use some lessons there. They need more wives and moms planning the rooms. Take care. Hope we have a sunny fall. We'll all feel better. Love you both.

    Jan and Don

  3. So glad to hear the positive news! :)
    I hope today is more of the same. Soak in the sunshine! Always thinking of you... Love, Mike, Sue and Rudy:)