Saturday, October 3, 2009

Giant steps...

Mike had a few rough days after returning home. This morning, however, he was able to get up into his chair, tool around the house for a while and then make the transfer back to bed without much effort. He is still strong. We are grateful for the progress he made in physical therapy and pray that as a therapist comes into our home, he can regain even more strength.

We are grateful today for a quiet day. We will watch the General Conference of our church which is broadcast on the TV (for those who have the BYU channel.)

Cinnamon rolls re being made as we speak... If you want one, come on over, else Mike and I will eat all of them! Hope all of you have a wonderful day.


  1. I wish I could come have a cinnamon roll... sounds so delicious right now.

    What a blessing it is to be able to watch General Conference from the comfort of our homes, and how much you must appreciate having Mike home to watch it with!

  2. I am so grateful to hear such positive news on my brother. Sure love both of you. Thanks for the faithful postings on this blog. has been my way of watching the LDS Conference proceedings in real time and recorded sessions from Sat. and Sun. meetings. What beautiful messages from the speakers and music from the Tab Choir! I especially felt touched by L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy's message on how our "Burdens can become blessings...requiring time, effort and faith to understand." He explains how God provides "sustaining strength and support" and how we are ro "be of good comfort." It brought me a renewed sense of peace and comfort as I see both my brothers move forward undaunted by their present health woes. Their strength is such a testament to the good faith and righteousness they both possess. Mom and Dad sure did a good job with you both!!!

    Love and Prayers,


  3. Your hopeful report on Mike feels good, conference sounds peaceful, and the rolls smell heavenly. Wish we could stop by. Enjoy a quiet, peaceful time at home.

    Love - Charlotte

  4. Love you two. Will see you tomorrow.