Sunday, October 4, 2009


We felt great comfort from the messages from our church's General Conference today. Thanks for the phone calls, meal, and visits. We are working on keeping our spirits up... Things always look brighter in the morning :)


  1. Dear Mom and Dad,
    Went to a sewage treatment plant and a water treatment plant today. I found all kinds of new things to sniff. I'm learning that contractors aren't as bad as you said, Dad. Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike bought me a new bone. Mulligan got one too. Mulligan took mine, so I took his. Taking lots of walks followed by lots of naps. Love you both, Rudy

  2. Dear Sue and Mike... I can't tell you how grateful I am to know that Rudy is doing well. You are some of the kindest people I know... Who would take a 125 pounder and love him like you have Rudy. We miss him terribly, but just can't take care of his needs yet. Please give him lots of hugs for us. Nancy

  3. Nancy,
    You're so welcome. We are enjoying him so much....We'll give him an extra hug today for all of you...Love, Mike and Sue

  4. Nancy, I can't take care of Rudy(too many Max flashbacks:)but I can do a sleepover! Do you have gooey rolls at night too? SusanT

  5. Dear Rudy...

    Your Mom and Dad do miss you but they KNOW you are getting some outside time and some great new experiences. You and Mulligan needed each other at the right time. Be sure to ask Mulligan if you can have his stuff rather than just take it....remember what we taught you and remember your matter what.

    Nancy and Mike...I will see you this evening. Please let me know if you need me to pick anything up for you.


  6. Hi Nancy and Mike,

    I'm glad you both were able to watch and listen to conference. The messages were so inspiring. I hope both of you can find moments of joy today.
    Much love, Sandra

  7. Mike,

    I't been awhile since I've written, but I do keep a watch on you through this format. Sounds like you're following all the rules and doing what you need to're a good boy! I saw Jim Gooden at some BSU event and asked him to give you my best...hope he did that. I don't get to Muncie very often but if I do I'd love to stop keep up your therapy and you spirits. Sure sounds like you have all the support you need....I'll just a little support from me as well...JIM Kratzat